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Craps Online Guide 2019 – Rules, Strategy & Tips

Craps is one of the most thrilling casino games you can play. Despite the fact that the table might look a little confusing at first, it is not as complicated as you may think. Craps is provided by many, if not all, online casinos equally in download and no download casino variations. However, it is important to select the best casino to play before you jump into playing the game.

Various factors are important to different people when it comes to choosing a casino, so to assist our players to find the perfect casino for our team of gaming experts have personally reviewed each of these. Use our craps online casino top list over and read our online casino reviews to find the best craps casinos and decide on the best online casino bonus or casino for you.

Facts about Craps:

  • Craps is an exciting game with dice and a craps table;
  • This casino game possesses unique rules;
  • There are Lots of different craps strategies to choose from;
  • The casinos introduced on our top list provide the best expertise to play online craps.


Online craps is a game of chance – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The advantage is built-in into the sport to gain the casino. It is a game in which the player must rely on luck, play for excitement and enjoy a fantastic time. Having said that, online craps is one of the better casino games from a participant’s perspective. If you create good bets (there are also a lot of bets with huge house advantage) you will have a good chance walking away from the craps table with a gain.

Unfortunately, there are not any craps strategies that could give you the edge against the house. What you could do, however, is to reduce the house edge to a minimum to maximize the odds of winning. Among all the stakes that can be found in craps, some provide worse odds than others, some much worse. On the flip side, some stakes offer you chances that make you less or more even money from the home. If you can locate these bets and adhere to them in the middle of chaotic craps action, your money will last longer, and you might just leave the casino a winner.

Craps Online FAQs:

Craps online is typically available to play at most online casinos that run in the USA and European markets. Broadly, you’ll definitely have the ability to play the game at an online casino USA because it is one of these table games that’s immensely popular particularly with Americans.

The best online craps play you could do is to wager on the Pass bet, Do not Pass bet, the Come bet, and Do not Come bet. You could even add the odds bet to reduce the advantage farther.

There’s not any specific strategy which will have you the advantage over the house, but you are able to play smartly and select bets with great odds, and reduce the amount of time you put stakes with terrible odds.

The Field wager, Big 6/8 wager, Horn and horn high wager, Aces or Boxcars, and Any 7 would be the worst online craps sport stakes.

The odds bet is a side bet you can add to some of your initial bets once the stage number is already established. You put this wager behind the pass, do not pass, come, or do not come bet.