You may be familiar with cryptocurrency like Dogecoin, the Shiba Inu currency, and NFTs. You may have heard about earning money by playing NFT games. Axie Infinity allows you to breed and fight monsters for Etherium. But what exactly is it? But how does it work? This is how it works. We will be exploring the Axie universe further.

What is Axie Infinity?
Sky Mavis, an early 2018 technology-focused gaming studio, developed Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is based on Tamagotchi and Pokemon games. AxieInfinity is an NFT game. Players can earn currency through the breeding, raising, combating, and trading of Axie animals in the marketplace.

AxieInfinity’s mission was fun and educational. Many of its developers and members of the team met through playing Crypto Kitties. They then started working on Axie to bring Blockchain technology to players.

Third parties can access all Axie data and art assets. This gives community developers the ability to create tools and experiences to further enhance the Axie Infinity universe. Axie’s Blockchain economic design rewards players for contributing to the ecosystem. This is a big difference from your typical game. The Axie Universe rewards players for their contributions to it.

How does it all work?
AxieInfinity uses blockchain technology. Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn structure that allows players to earn money by solving complicated math problems and mining new blocks. PVP battles are a great way to earn, as well as breeding Axies, selling them on the Marketplace, and collecting rare Axies. Smooth Love Potions are required to breed Axies. SLPs, just like all other cryptocurrency, is highly volatile. The price per SLP is PHP 7.53. SLPs are available for purchase via Uniswap, Binance, and other online platforms.

Axie says players can earn AXS (a governance token), which is a piece of Axie’s universe. It has governance rights and fee-sharing. Players can earn this token through playing. This creates a Ready Player One-type quest where players can actually gain part of the universe. Rewards players are based on skill and effort, not wins.

How to play in Axie Infinity and earn
Axie Infinity can be described as Pokemon mixed with Hearthstone. It’s a mix of Pokemon and Hearthstone. Players use cards to “command,” or tell their Axies what action they will take for that particular turn. Each Axie gets four cards. These cards are randomly chosen for every battle. To play those cards you must have energy. You can play any card if you have at least 4 energy. While other games might allow players to choose which target they attack, Axie Infinity uses a battle system that attacks random targets. It usually hits the Axie closest to it.

Losing in PVP battles results in a loss of Matchmaking Rating or MMR. However, if you win, MMR and Smooth Love Potions are gained. Don’t worry, though. Losing will not cause a decrease in SLP. This is a relief. This is because your MMR will affect how many SLP you earn per win.

You can earn the game’s SLP through daily quests, or by playing in PVP matches. PVP matches may be the best option since SLPs are more often given there. However, it is recommended to maximize your Axies. You can earn SLP and Exp by completing daily quests. This will also provide you with EXP and SLP for your Axies. It is important to keep a balanced approach to PVP as well as PVE modes.

It was already mentioned that Meta Axies require 3 Axies to get started. However, the price is what keeps most people from investing. As of this writing, the Meta Axies is one Plant Axie, which can be used as a tank or a Beast Axie, for DPS and debuffing, and one Fish Axie. There is an ongoing Manager/Scholar structure for those who are concerned about the cost of this game.

Should I join the craze of e-commerce?
This game has the potential to earn a lot of money. Like any investment, there can be risks. It will take some study to find out what ETH is. While it is still a game, you can lose real money by using the funds.