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Parking options for staff at VG
Parking Services exploring options to help free up on-site spots for patients and families

Work to expand the Nova Scotia Cancer Centre will begin Thursday, Dec. 2. This construction will result in the loss of approximately 85 parking spaces at the Victoria General site of the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre for at least one year.

To help offset the loss of these spaces to patients and staff, NSHA has made arrangements as outlined below. We continue to work toward additional parking alternatives for patients and staff and will provide updates as they are available. We appreciate your patience.

Monthly Parking
Monthly parking at Fenwick Tower is being offered to NSHA staff at a price of $85 per month for six- and 12-month leases beginning in December. Six- and 12-month leases beginning in January 2011 will have a monthly fee of $95.There are up to 175 spots available.

The Fenwick Tower parking garage has been newly renovated and offers a well-lit, secure, clean and warm indoor parking alternative. This garage will accept vehicles up to 6' 4" in height, so will accommodate most SUVs and trucks. It is only a 500-metre walk to the doors of the VG (map:
A staff member who usually parks at the Victoria General site at the $12 daily rate, can spend more than $250 each month. If you bring your car to work only eight or nine times each month, you will save on parking costs with a monthly lease at Fenwick.

Each and every weekday, our patients and their families have great difficulty finding parking spaces at the VG site. Taking advantage of this nearby option can free up parking spots for patients.

Contact Templeton Properties - 443-7074 to lease a space.

$2 after 2 p.m. on College Street
The Capital Health staff parking lot on College Street now offers the evening discounted rate of only $2 after 2p.m. This adds another parking option for staff who arrive in the afternoons. The onsite parking lots will continue to offer this evening rate after 2:30 p.m.

More two-hour parking spaces
Those parking spaces bordering the main lawn in front of the Centennial Building will soon be designated as two-hour spaces. Increased turnover of these spaces will mean that more of our patients will have an opportunity to park closer to their appointments.

The two-hour restrictions are enforced on weekdays. For their own safety and convenience, staff are encouraged to use these spaces at night and on the weekends.

For a map of the VG and surrounding areas click below:

VG Area Map

Corey Busby
Maritime Regional Manager
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