Projects Office

Surplus Equipment

Surplus Equipment to Return Stores April 2012

To have your surplus items picked up:

Please call 473-7566 and leave a message. THIS IS A VOICEMAIL LINE ONLY.

Include the folowing information in your message:
Contact name
Telephone number
SAP cost centre number
Pick up location
Description of items

Surplus items will be picked up on the following schedule

VG Site - Tuesdays
HI Site - Wednesdays 

To view surplus items:

Call 473-7566 for an appointment. to view.  Viewing is generally available on the following days

VG Site, Victoria Building,  1st Floor Room 219A   - Tuesdays
HI Site, Abby J Lane garage - Wednesdays

Items that are deemed appropriate for in-house use are available for such. All items in the room, unless otherwise marked, are available for sale.

To move selected surplus items to your space:

Please note that, to have these items moved to your area, the move will be done by a “move contractor” (Able Movers) and paid for from a cost (SAP) centre.