Photoshop Elements allows non-professionals to enjoy much of the Adobe Photoshop visual magic. Adobe’s consumer photo editing software makes it easy for novices to achieve stunning Photoshop effects. Adobe’s AI technology, Sensei (also available in Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps), will allow for new features in the 2021 edition. These include face tilting, photo animation, and more. Elements is a free alternative to Photoshop and offer many of the same tools and capabilities as Photoshop. Photoshop Elements continues to be a PCMag Editors’ Choice Winner for enthusiast-level photo editing software.

What is the cost of Photoshop elements?
Photoshop Elements is available in two options: you can purchase it with Premiere Elements, its enthusiast-level video-editing companion, at $149.99, or you can buy it separately for $99.99. Download a 30-day free trial version. You should note that the app’s installation is large at 2.4GB. The program is installed on 2.5GB. If you don’t have enough space, Elements will be available for your Mac. The software will run on Windows 10 version 1903, or later.

What’s new with Photoshop Elements?
AI-powered Moving Photos is new for 2021. This transforms static images into animated GIFs and allows you to tilt your head. Three new guided edits have brought the total to 58. The 2021 edition adds support to Adobe Creative Cloud online storage. This allows you to share work between Elements, Creative Cloud apps such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. It allows you to back up the database catalog which tracks all your edits.

In recent years, Photoshop has added powerful tools and enhancements to its software. You can find them all here: Subject Select, Automatic Colourization, Object Removing, one-click skin smoothing, pattern objects, and the amazing Open Closed Eyes ability. Adobe has been making improvements to the interface and the underlying performance as well as image format support. Recent Apple iPhones have added support for HEIC.

The Organizer app
You will need to open the main program before moving on to the other utilities. While I have in the past lamented the slowness in accessing the editor, I see value in both. You can access Photoshop Elements as well as Premiere Elements from the Start window. It also has many useful features. You will find tips and links to your most recent files, as well as Auto Creations–slideshows or collages that the program generates automatically from your content.

As the name suggests, you can import, group, tag, and output your photos using the Organizer application. Although you don’t need to use it provides many features that could otherwise overwhelm the main editing software. Its powerful search, automatic curation, sharing tools, and other useful features can add value to standard organization tools. Corel PaintShop Pro or ACDSee, on the other hand, does everything with one interface. There are four options at the top of the organizer’s window: Media (People, Places, and Events).

Auto Creations
Elements had imported more than 100 photos and videos. On my home screen, I could see the Auto Creations it had made from my content. The collages were made from photos that were taken at the same place and time. It was easy to edit and swap photos. With effective transitions and backgrounds, the feature produced multiple slideshows with different interests from my test media. Background music was chosen to be appropriate for the images, but often it stopped abruptly instead of fading out. Some were so short that they were pointless. In any event, you can use the project as a basis for your own creativity.

Elements are still missing a feature in Apple Photos and Google Photos: automatic album creation. These products allow you to group photos based on time periods or locations and create albums automatically. Although they may not be ideal, these products can help get you started with albums.

How to Adjust Photos
Photoshop Elements really shines when you go from the Organizer to the full editor. This program offers Photoshop’s same high-end image editing capabilities but without difficulty. Adobe software offers many unique tools, including content-aware tools that allow you to remove areas or objects from the background without disturbing the background.

Elements Effects have the feel of Instagram, but with far more intuitive controls than the mobile app. Smart Looks uses image analysis to determine the effect you want. It offers four different options. These effects matched the images of my test photos well. FX options in Quick mode include four variants of the Vintage, Cross Process, or Toy Camera options. This tool is more accurate than other programs that show a sample of your image when the effect has been applied.