Partners for Healthier Weight

Information Session Videos & Enrolment Steps

Partners for Healthier Weight is pleased to offer the following information videos. The videos are required viewing prior to entering the Program and should be viewed in sequence. Throughout the videos, various documents are referenced. These can be found under Related Documents below.

Information Sessions Videos

1. Program Philosophy & Guiding Principles (14 mins)

2. Program Structure & Phases Part 1 (15 mins)

3. Program Structure & Phases Part 2 (14 mins)

4. The PfHW Clinical Team (14 mins)

5. Program Summary & Next Steps (9 mins)

6. Video Tour of Clinic (6 mins)

Enrollment Steps:

52-Week Core Program

6-Month Follow-Up Program

Related Documents


 1. Program Philosophy and Guiding Principles

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 2. Program Structure and Phases - Part 1

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 3. Program Structure and Phases - Part 2

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 4. The PfHW Clinical Team

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 5. Program Summary and Next Steps

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 6. Tour of Clinic

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