Partners for Healthier Weight

Andrew Bilz, Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Team

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Western Ontario in 2001.  After graduation, I worked as a physiotherapist at three different hospitals in rural Northern Ontario, over a span of almost ten years.  Having only two physiotherapists in town meant having to cover all aspects of the field, from visiting schools to cardiac rehab, not to mention learning how to speak Ojibway!  Over this time period, I gradually developed a strong interest in a more holistic approach to health, particularly as it related to chronic pain management and took a number of post-graduate courses on the topic.  I also became very interested in promoting healthy lifestyle, and in 2010 I hiked 600km across Greece to raise awareness for the benefits of self-propelled transportation.  This lifestyle proved a little extreme and perhaps not so healthy for myself, so later that same year I found myself promoting healthy lifestyle through working as a wellness facilitator at the Community Health Team in Dartmouth (a little easier on the feet!).  Three years later I am still working part-time with the Community Health Team, as well as encouraging physical activity through work I do with youth and adults with special needs and children who home-school.   I am thrilled to be able to extend my passion by working with participants of the Partners for Healthier Weight program!   

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