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About Common Roots Urban Farm Produce

While Common Roots Urban Farm is not a certified organic farm, we do follow organic practices. Vegetables are grown without any synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and we focus on building healthy soil, which in turn grows healthy, resilient plants capable of warding off pests and diseases. Weekly, we spray with a compost tea, which feeds the microbial life of the soil, and use Biodynamic treatments, other plant teas, glacial rock powder and seaweed based products throughout the season to provide further nutrients to the plants and soil. This year, to prepare the Market Garden beds at the beginning of the season, we used compost made by our Compostmeister with pumpkins from last year's Pumpkin Smash, almost exclusively!

This year, we've added a focus on growing nutrient dense crops, paying further attention to the balance of minerals in the soil and how they impact the nutrient content of the food we grow. Throughout the season we'll be testing the sugar content of our veggies using a refractometer to help us determine whether our soil quality and thus vegetable quality is improving.

With all of this, we hope to provide you with a beautiful, healthy product to take home.